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A Volunteer and Her Family are Blessed to be on the On Goal Team

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

“Some of my best memories as ‘Nurse Lynda’ (2004-2009) were with On Goal. I am blessed with that title and the experience On Goal gave me and our kids. The compassion I witnessed and the passion of teaching kids about Christ and soccer, is incomparable. The On Goal ministry has impacted our lives greatly!! Thank you On Goal!!"

- Lynda F

We are always grateful for 'team members' of all kinds. From those who ready equipment, plan and coordinate, make sure facilities are prepared, travel from far away places, etc., to those who finally step onto the field with the children each day. Sometimes it takes a great team effort to show love.

We have had the privilege of having special people like 'Nurse Lynda' who serve with us year after year. She not only volunteered many times as our camp nurse, but her family also hosted coaches for the week and even provided a much anticipated bbq lunch for our staff.

On Goal Soccer Camps are, and always have been, a team effort. From the visionaries, to the coaches, to the coordinators, to the local volunteers, our programs would not be possible without everyone involved. What the kids and families ultimately receive from On Goal programs is a lot of intentional love from many people, who are both hands on, and behind the scenes - intentional love that we pray ultimately reflects the love of Jesus.

Here are some images from the Fabry Family’s involvement over the years.

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