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On Goal Plays a Significant Role in Josh’s Life

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

In many kids’ lives, On Goal ends up being more than just a week long camp or childhood team. It often becomes a major influence and encouragement over many years. Looking back at thank you cards (we keep them all) from the very earliest years of On Goal, we read the same words that many share with us today. Phrases like, “My kids go to bed after dinner so they can get up early for camp the next day...” “We always plan our vacation around On Goal Soccer Camp!” “My child is having so much fun, is learning moves, and loves soccer again...” “On Goal Soccer Camp is the best week of the year!”

Josh M has been involved in On Goal throughout his lifetime, his mom helping to set up and run an On Goal camp years ago at their church in Michigan. Both Josh and On Goal have been equally blessed by the long term relationship. Josh’s fun personality and excitement and love for the kids, their families, and his fellow coaches is contagious. There is never a dull moment when Josh is involved!

Below this camper-turned-coach-turned-dear-friend of On Goal shares how he was involved over the years, and we’ve included various images from that experience.

“I started out coming to On Goal as a kid around the age of 10. From that point on, I attended at least two weeks of On Goal camps every summer until the age of 15. During my time attending camp, my soccer skills were challenged, honed, and improved. I grew as a player, but more importantly, my faith was pressed, molded, and challenged. The coaches were role models and set a standard for what it looked like to be both an athlete and a follower of Christ.”

“Once my time as a camper was finished, I continued to work with On Goal as an assistant coach, and once I turned 18, as a summer staff coach till I was 21. I traveled to Florida, Ohio, and all over Michigan. My summers were spent improving my skills as a collegiate-level soccer player and my fellow coaches and staff encouraged me to grow in my faith.”

“On Goal provided me the opportunity to incorporate my love of the game and my passion for reaching others for Christ. The 10+ years I spent attending, serving, and coaching with On Goal were some of the best summers of my life and some of the most fulfilling work I have ever done.”

- Josh M

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