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I have been, and continue to be, inspired by your purpose and dedication to the On Goal mission and purpose. We have only been with you a short time but the difference in your program is so easily felt.

- Parent of Cincinnati Fire Player


“On Goal Soccer Camp is the best week of the year!”

— On Goal Camper Parent

“I love this team.  It’s always a positive, challenging atmosphere.”

— Mom of Cincinnati Spirit Player

From Players

“I love this team.  It feels like everyone treats you like family.”

Player / Cincinnati Fire 

"For 2 years, I have participated in On Goal’s Young Leaders Program which pairs high school soccer players with On Goal’s coaching staff.  The teens then have the opportunity to help with the teams and learn leadership skills along the way. I was paired the first year with two different On Goal coaches.  Both proved to be inspirational to me. They have encouraged me and shown me that investing in others is a worthwhile investment."

Player / Passion FC 

"I remember the first day of my On Goal soccer practice because my mind never felt that happy before… in the past, I never made “true” soccer friendships before, but that day I made over twenty in just two hours."

Player / Cincinnati Spirit

From Parents

Thank you so much for making it an amazing experience.  She will carry these skills and character with her for life!

Parent / On Goal Player

Cincinnati Spirit has been a great high school experience for my daughter. The coaching, the camaraderie and the spirit of the team are unmatched!!  So glad we found this team!!

Mother / Cincinnati Spirit

As the season progressed on, it became even more evident that something was different within this organization. Players wrote encouragement cards to one another, they participated in positive activities together off the soccer field together. They prayed before and after each game. But above all of this was the professional coaching that we received from all the coaches and trainers. It was a great experience for my family. If you want your child to learn to play soccer well, be competitive yet positive - On Goal is the place to come.”

Mother / On Goal Player

My kids go to bed after dinner so they can get up early for camp the next day...”

On Goal Camper Family

Summer Camps

"So many amazing memories watching kids come to know Jesus through soccer... watching coaches showcase their talents and being bold in their passion to serve Christ. Learning how to create an amazing atmosphere and partnering with churches all over the country.  What an amazing group of people... what an amazing ministry... what an amazing goal. Leading people towards life’s greatest goal... knowing Jesus."

Former Coach / On Goal Soccer Camps

"I became a Christian in 2005 at On Goal.  I vividly remember talking to my coach about how important it was to accept Jesus into my heart and was overjoyed when I did.  I was so excited and couldn’t wait to share this news."

Coach / On Goal Soccer Camps

"On Goal has had a tremendous impact on our lives as a family and as a local church."

Pastor of Host Church  / On Goal Soccer Camps

"The outrageously positive feedback is flooding in from our church.  The community is still buzzing and people are begging for it to happen next year! We’ve made amazing connections with families too."

Pastor of Host Church  / On Goal Soccer Camps

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