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Our History


Pleasant Hill Baptist Church

Milford, OH


On Goal Soccer began in 1985 when Tom Fite partnered with the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church to run a soccer camp in Milford, OH. Today On Goal is a 501c3 non-profit organization with 8 full-time staff partnering with churches throughout the United States and in the UK and Brazil to reach thousands of young people with the love of Jesus Christ.


On Goal Soccer programs include:

  • The Competitive Soccer Club Passion FC

  • Cincinnati Fire & Spirit High School Teams

  • The Total Player Academy

  • On Goal Soccer Camps

  • On Goal Futsal

On Goal Mission

On Goal is a Christian soccer ministry focused on leading people toward life's greatest goal - knowing Jesus!


On Goal partners with churches around the United States and in Brazil and the UK to combine soccer excellence with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ through quality soccer programs.


On Goal Soccer Camps, On Goal Futsal, Passion FC, the Cincinnati Spirit and the Cincinnati Fire as well as other programs impact the lives of thousands of young people and families each year.


On Goal’s Total Player philosophy is guaranteed to improve not only a player’s soccer skills but also encourages positive character and ultimately, we hope, a relationship with God.

Learn about On Goal's new soccer complex! CLICK FOR MORE

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