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The Best Week of the Year!

On Goal Soccer Camps combine intense skills training and competitive play in a fun and exciting atmosphere that kids love. Since 1985, qualified On Goal coaches from around the world have encouraged players to love soccer and love God. Unique features include assemblies, coaches demos, ‘world cup’ play and tournament, and Family Day with individual and team competitions and awards. Kids AND their families still call it the best week of the year!





2022 Lake Orion Ball Toss 11x14 (2)_edit

Play with Passion

Develop your love for the game, for others, and for God. Players who play with passion are encouraged to give their all on and off the field.


Play with Skill

Develop your ability to attack your opponents on-the-dribble with moves like the 'scissors' or the Maradona Spin. Learn passing combinations like the 'Barca pass'. Ball control, dribbling, shooting, goalkeeping, and more are part of the daily skills training.


Play Together

Develop your skill as a team player whether on the attack or defending the goal. Players discover the importance of playing as a team and encouraging one another. Playing together is crucial to success in soccer and in life.

On Goal Soccer Camps

For players going into K-1st (Microstars) and 2nd-9th grades, the camps are designed to bring the best out of players of all abilities and teach the aspects of The Total Player.


Play with Honor

Grow in your character as a player by honoring your coaches, teammates, and opponents. Campers are encouraged to compete in a way that demonstrates love and respect toward others. It is essential for players to understand the importance of bringing honor to God.


Play with Purpose

Develop a greater understanding of the game of soccer and consider why you play. Grow as a leader through better decision making and bringing the best out of others. Be challenged to consider what it means to be a Total Player and pursue life's greatest goal.

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