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Frequently Asked Questions


Summer Coach

The vision for On Goal Soccer Camps is to use soccer to partner with local churches in order to reach out to people in their communities for the purpose of leading children and their families toward life’s greatest goal - knowing Jesus! 

What will I do as an On Goal Soccer Coach? 

On Goal Soccer Coaches travel as a team to various cities in the US and abroad to run weekly soccer camps for children ages 4-14. Most camps involve a 5-day program that begins at 9:00am and ends around 3:00pm. The final day of camp is a family day with competitions, a picnic, and an awards ceremony. After camp each day, the coaches often train, play soccer as a group, or play a match. The evenings after camp include dinner with fellow coaches at a family’s house or at the church, followed by an On Goal group activity or spending time with your host family. At the end of the week, On Goal coaches attend our partnering church together and then travel to the next camp location! 

WHERE do I stay?

On Goal Coaches stay with host families from our partnering churches. Coaches will stay 

with at least one other coach each week. Host families may have kids involved in the camp or may just be someone from the church who wants to offer their home and get to know the coaches. On Goal works in partnership with the churches that sponsor and promote the soccer camp in their community. Staying with a host home is a great way to encourage and bless people in the church and to develop lasting friendships in different parts of the country. Many of our coaches keep in touch with their host families even making life-long relationships.  

Do I get paid? 

Coaches get paid for each week of camp that they work. 

Do I need to raise money? 

As members of our summer ministry staff, we ask that our coaches raise support in order to help cover various costs of ministry. Upon arriving in Cincinnati, Ohio for training week, all expenses including food, lodging, and gas will be covered and paid for throughout the summer.  


Why should I spend my summer as an On Goal Soccer Coach? 

Working as an On Goal Soccer Coach is an unforgettable experience that will impact you for years to come. Not only will you see the power of soccer to connect with kids and families, but you will also have an impact on others and develop friendships that will last a lifetime. Here are just a few of the things that On Goal will allow you to do this summer: 


•     Develop your coaching skills 

•    Play a lot of soccer / train for your upcoming season *We guarantee you will become a better player!*

•     Travel the country

•     Earn some money doing what you love

•     Make lifelong friends from all over the world

•     And share the love of Jesus Christ with young people!


At Every On Goal Soccer Camp, it is our goal to:

•    Provide the highest quality of soccer instruction. On Goal believes in striving for excellence in the coaching and program we provide. At On Goal, we aim to develop The Total Player – the player that Plays with Passion, Plays with Skill, Plays Together, Plays with Honor, and Plays with Purpose.


•    Provide a positive, professional atmosphere where kids are encouraged to try new things and have fun. Each coach has the opportunity to show and share the love of Christ through the way they coach and how they treat their players. Each coach can have a lasting impact on the lives of children.


•    Lead people toward life’s greatest goal – knowing Jesus! We do this by including daily Bible times, skits, coaches’ testimonies, and assemblies, which clearly present the Gospel message and give the children a chance to respond.


What’s next?

If you are interested in serving with On Goal this summer, please CLICK HERE to complete a short form. Upon receiving this form, we will be in touch to provide you with more info or answer any questions you may have! Please email with any questions regarding working with On Goal or the application process.


The first step of your summer experience begins today. Spend some time praying to discern if this is where God is leading you this summer. Then, fill out the above form and begin

preparing for a life-changing summer!

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