Young Leaders Program

2018-2019 Program Details

Applications for the Young Leaders Program are open to all players age U14-U19 in Passion FC. All interested players must fill out a program application and program directors will determine the leaders selected to the program. 

Program Components – Spring 2019

  • Volunteer in 1 spring Passion FC program with a Passion FC coach/mentor each week
  • Attend leadership meeting at the beginning and end of the season with other Young Leaders and their coaches/mentors
  • Community Service Project – TBA
  • Lead a TeamTalk with teammates and/or team they are working with
  • Answer TeamTalk Questions each week and discuss with coach/mentor
  • Participate te in fun activity with other Young Leaders and coaches/mentors (Example: FC Cincinnati Game or game night at Passion FC Club House)  

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Program Description

The Passion FC Young Leaders Program is designed for Passion FC players, U14-U19, who will be provided with opportunities and experiences that foster leadership and character development. The program’s intent is for older Passion FC players to realize their potential and build confidence to be leaders on and off the field, while promoting principles of servant, Christ-like character through mentorship and TeamTalks.

Program Goals

Goal 1: Young Leaders will make an impact through mentorship by assisting with younger players.

Goal 2: Young Leaders will be provided opportunities and experiences that will strengthen their leadership development and service.

Goal 3: Young Leaders will realize their potential and develop the confidence to be leaders on the field and off the field in their community.

Program Methodology

The program utilizes cross-age mentorship and volunteer work to create leadership opportunities. Young Leaders will be assigned to work with a specific Passion FC coach. Cross-age teaching techniques will be utilized because research has shown pre-adolescents and young children look up to and want to emulate teenagers/pre-teens. Because of this, our Young Leaders will have strong influences on the younger players’ behaviors in the club. In turn, cross-age teaching will help our Young Leaders enhance their own soccer understanding, but more importantly, develop their leadership skills. Young Leaders will be responsible for answering weekly TeamTalk questions, recording their experience, and monitoring their 5 Principles of Responsibility and Leadership (Based on the On Goal “Total Player”).

5 Principles of Responsibility and Leadership (based on the Total Player)

1) Passion

Maximum effort; commitment; punctual; focused

2) Skill

Goal setting; motivated to become a better leader; ability to reflect on experience; enthusiastic; uses specific talents to help others

3) Honor

Loves others; servant-leader; trustworthy; respects teammates, coaches, referees, and the game

4) Together

Helps others achieve; works well with others; supports teammates and coaches; teaches younger players and teammates; unselfish; cares about the development of others

5) Purpose

Applies the first 4 levels to everyday life; responsible in the community; is a role model at home, in school, and on the field; inspires others with strong leadership



  • Young Leader will be at 1 training per week with their mentor coach.
  • Arrive on time as determined by coach/mentor.
  • Help set-up goals, cones, etc… and go over expectations with coach/mentor for that session.
  • Complete TeamTalk: Coach/mentor will give Young Leader a sheet with questions about the TeamTalk. Coach/mentor will give out new sheet for the following week.
  • Help keep kids focused.  
  • Help clean-up cones, pinnies, and goals.
  • Help keep equipment organized, cleaned and ready for next session.

Program Outcome

Young Leaders will become more responsible individuals and strong role models for their teammates, peers, and younger players. Young Leaders will develop leadership skills and attitudes that will enable them to make even greater contributions to their soccer team, their school, and their community. Young leaders will learn life lessons and develop skills that they will be able to apply to everyday life.